When it comes to expressing yourself, you can only pick a few.

Kind of overwhelming, right?

Think about it: with so many choices out there, you're at risk of not selecting the right ones to express yourself. Or worse, you might even pick a word that's close but doesn't get quite get the same message across. (Yikes.)

That's why you need help finding out which words to use, in what combinations, in exactly the kind of tone that matches your style.

You need help finding your voice.

You need help telling your brand’s unforgettable story.

(And you also need someone to figure out if that one comma is even necessary or not.)

In short: you need a writer.

In this day and age, words are more important than they've ever been. They are the internet’s DNA, the keys that unlock the doors that stand between you and your customer base - the tools that can convey your identity as a business or brand.

Believe it or not, words are even what you use to say "I love you." Y’know. When you’re not working.

Before writing another sentence of copy, ask yourself: Am I aware of which words I’m using, and to what effect? Do I know what language my audience speaks? Do I know how to translate value? (And do I really want to put that comma there?)

If your answer wasn’t “yes” to any of those questions, then you need help from the only writer ever (named Stephen Harber.)