As a writer based out of San Francisco, it’s hard not to get involved in the tech industry (Understatement.) In 2013, I started off writing for my friend’s start-up called UI Palette which is now defunct. Speaking of which: behold our promo. We stayed up three days in a row putting it together. I helped storyboard and mix the music while she edited it together. (Yes, we had a blast.)

After writing copy for her site and building the blog through interviews with innovative app designers, I had been touched by the spirit of the startup world. I branched out and became the copywriter for Inspirational, a US-based branch of a Russian company known as Flexis. This was while I was working sales at a different startup in Soma. Lots of running back and forth ensued.

Because of my experiences creating content for the tech industry, I became an approved journalist for Venture Beat. While writing for them on the side, I got to interview Brian Solis, which was a total honor. Take a look at the links below to find out more.