In spring of 2015, my friend Ryan Fukuda approached me about working with him and artist James Zark on comic book project. He said it was called Occult Generation, and that it was about a war between two secret societies in the 1920s. He outlined an entire universe of characters that keeps expanding as we go along. We launched the Kickstarter campaign that fall. We met our goal - and then some. Now, we're busy building the rest of it.

Part of the project are these, prequel stories that lead up to the events of the comic series, that are still being published on




This series features one of the comic's central characters, Leon Kleeman. He's a pansexual private detective with latent telepathic powers that are in the process of emerging. When he runs into one of his past flings at a speakeasy, he gets caught up in a mystery he wasn't planning on solving, one that will change the way he solves cases forever.


The second series features Gladys Spencer, one of the leaders of the Harlem Secret Society and manager of the Club de la Croix nighclub. (You can think of her as Beyonce meets Wolverine.) When she goes to investigate why so many of the people from the Harlem community are being abducted, she winds up in a cat and mouse game in an abandoned facility codenamed "The Widow Zone". How will she escape it?