Writing copy isn’t just about product descriptions. It’s about translating value. It’s about choosing the words that are the right vehicles for big ideas. It’s about facilitating a relationship.

My experiences with copywriting have been diverse. I’ve loved helping small businesses and start-ups grow and expand their reach, clarify their branding message, and get their message across. After all, the most powerful thing a writer can do is give someone the means to discover how to find their voice.


For the past two years, I’ve worked closely with Dr. David Mabrie and his company Mabrie Facial Cosmetics find their own voice. Together, we’ve created informative and timely content to gain and retain patient relationships. In the process, I’ve created and designed newsletters, storyboarded and scripted video content, strategized social media campaigns, and crystallized a rebranding initiative. (Hopefully I looked good doing it too.)




Writing for Inspirational was a unique job. Each day in the office was different from the last. One day I’d have an assignment to write about a state-of-the-art gadget that made holograms out of water molecules. The day after, it’d be an interview with one of their co-founders. And the next week - a push for Adobe Experience Manager. The Inspirational creative agency was part of a larger Russian company known as Flexis, so everything always felt new.



One of my first gigs writing copy was for Good Shop. They needed writers to come up with product descriptions for their coupon services. So, like any good aspiring copywriter looking to get their feet wet in the so-called product description biz, I took on 500 or so. Guess what I did for a couple months? Anyway, here are just a few examples of what I came up with. Enjoy!