Yes, I know the main image isn't from Ash Vs. Evil Dead; I know it's from Army of Darkness. I just think it's cool, okay? Jeez.

And I miss the gauntlet. 

Whatever happened to that, anyway? 

(Hint: boring real life intellectual properties bullshit.)

Let's give it a safe space to be its groovy self here in this article, shall we?


Ah. Yes. Better.

So, I spent every week towards the end of 2015 reviewing each episode of Ash Vs. Evil Dead for Den of Geek (who I've always wanted to write for!) 

If you're interested in a quick ranking of all episodes from worst to best (with links to my reviews) then keep on readin' pilgrim.

10. Fire in the Hole

This was the truly the season's lowest point in my book. This is mostly because of the sudden and forced romance between Amanda Fisher and Ash. And, also, because it's just another fillery sidequest the gang goes on that doesn't have much bearing on the scatterbrained story arc of the season. Fine, the last scene did. Whatever, I guess the Fisher/Ash stuff did too. But I didn't like it.

9. Bait

How do you follow up the manically engaging, Sam Raimi directed pilot of the series? You call up Mimi Rogers and ask her to fly down to New Zealand to play Kelly's Deadite mom. Yeah, it's just as odd as it sounds. Ash has mighty good zingers, though.

8. The Host

Exorcist rip-off. Kelly gets possessed by the evil demon at Pablo's magic uncle's house. She pisses herself and throws up a little. Cusses a few times, too. Meanwhile, Pablo makes Ash a new, fully functional prosthetic hand using what appears to be old Super Nintendo Power Glove in under two fucking hours.

7. Ashes to Ashes

Ash finally makes it back to the old cabin, but with the show's most annoying and thinly developed character in tow. He gets into a fight with the severed head of his ex-girflriend, which is still somehow exactly where he left it in the tool shed after all these years. At least she remodeled the place after it got damaged from that time portal fiasco.

6. Books from Beyond

In the third episode of the series, Ash and the Scrappy Doos get stuck in a strange bookstore with an unholy demon that can give you aneurysims if it touches you. I think. Not sure, this was never really explained. properly. (In this show? Go figure.) Despite this lack of info, there's still plenty of fun to be had and a few Whedonesque lines to quote.


5. Brujo

Vision quests may be an overused trope in genre television, but it gets the job done when you need it to. Ash has his own version of a dream journey in "Brujo", and it reveals particular character motivations we didn't know he was capable of having. But that's what I like about this episode: it further endears a character we already enjoy to us. 


4. Killer of Killers

Irreverency and gross-out moments galore. An anarchic, disrespectful half hour of television. A offensive mess. In other words: a superb Ash Vs. Evil Dead episode.


3. Bound in the Flesh

After the characters finally got to the iconic cabin from the trilogy, the real fun of the season began. At last, Ruby confronts Ash for the first time on screen, and it's a hoot. Also, there's a really evil puppet show.


2. El Jefe

The series premiere will most likely be considered the best episode of all for most people. For me, it's number two. That doesn't mean that it's lower on the awesome scale. Raimi and Cambpell are at it again, and it leads to some glorious moments.


1. The Dark One

Finally, an episode that somewhat resembles the original Evil Dead film. An atmospheric endpoint to a wild amusement park ride of a first season. It's not perfect by any means, but it's effective on a visceral level, and that's what the video nasty horror genre was all about. Watch it in the by yourself middle of the night and you'll see what I mean.


That covers it. I think season two comes out around Halloween? Until then: Hail to the King, babies.