Q: Who is the only writer ever? 

A: Stephen Harber. It's pronounced "Steven", not "Stephan". (No worries. I get asked that all the time.)

Q: Are you really the only writer ever?

A: Technically no...but I write like I am. 

Q: Where do you live?

A: San Francisco, CA.

Q: Who are you, again?

A: I'm the ninja of words.  Or word ninja, if that's easier for you to say. I work from the shadows to help people like you find your voice and be memorable. Except I turn on a light when I'm there, because working in the dark is hard (and kind of creepy). 

Q: How can you help my business? 

A:  I can help you find your brand voice by coming up with style guidelines and values. This includes writing highly readable copy and developing a content strategy.  

Q: How can you help my blog/website?

A: I can come up with original witty and creative content that would put BuzzFeed to shame. (Is Buzzfeed even popular anymore?)

Q: How can you help with my story/comic/script?

A: I can help as a story consultant, editor, and dialogue doctor. Because the story you want tell is totes worth it.

Q: Do you like eggs?

A: Sometimes.  

Q: Boiled, fried, scrambled or poached?

A: Hmm. Usually fried. I've never tried poached, believe it or not.  

Q: Can I see a pic of you?

A: Sure! Here you go.